Many people in East Asia have limited access to education focusing on the development of global competencies such as effective teamwork, public speaking, and cross-cultural communication.

We provide experiential programs designed to fill this gap and equip our participants with the skills and confidence to become leaders in today’s academic and business environments. 

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Why are these programs needed?

Experiential learning programs are designed to deliver change by taking learning beyond the structure of a classroom or workplace. These programs redefine our traditional concepts of what education is and are more personalized and engaging.

Most importantly, experiential learning programs are created to mirror our situational context in reality. The skills we apply in an experiential learning program provide us with the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice and retain more information because the subject matter pertains to us personally.

By immersing ourselves in this safe learning environment, we are able to face challenges, take risks, and make mistakes, all in the name of character development and growth for ourselves and our team. 

Who are these programs for?

We work with a variety of different participant groups. Whether you are a student aspiring to study abroad, a teacher looking to learn new techniques, or a professional entering the international job market or working at a company where cross-cultural communication skillsets are needed, our programs will provide you with new awareness, hard and soft skill practice, and confidence to excel in your next academic or career path.

Engaging in co-creating an experiential learning environment, participants take part in hands-on activities and dialogues together which provide opportunity for creative output, reflective analysis, and the diversification of perspective. The programs also involve group-work which teaches participants how to effectively work as a team, utilize the different qualities and skillsets each team member can offer, and instill essential leadership competencies applicable to real-world contexts.

What are the benefits?

Experiential learning programs are more immersive and effective in nature, which engage the participants’ emotions in order to heighten the retention of knowledge and skills learned. Each program is intentionally crafted to cultivate specific lessons of character based on the behaviors and decisions that participants make.   

The benefits of experiential learning programs can vary from accelerated learning, a shift to a lifelong learning attitude, and the enhancement of self-confidence and self-advocacy just to name a few. All XY Bridges’ programs are designed to deliver sets of competencies (knowledge, awareness, hard skills, soft skills) that improve our participant’s self-development, marketable skills, and career and academic goals- be they international or local.


“Before I went to the US, I was really anxious. But in the [Cross-cultural Communications] workshop, I [realized] my feelings of anxiety and being nervous was very common or normal. Although I faced some challenges on our trip, I was able to accept anything new. And I knew that I could open my mind and find my confidence! Thanks for the workshop!”

- Shelly ‘21, Master’s at National Taiwan Normal University 國立台灣師範大學

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