Many Chinese youth transitioning to a life abroad in the U.S. are unprepared, uninformed, and unaware of cross-cultural differences, and Western social etiquette and ways of thinking. They struggle with this adjustment and have a difficult time integrating when abroad.

If given an opportunity to be prepared before they start school abroad, these students will be better able to overcome challenges and more likely to embrace the study-abroad experience. They will be able to experience more fully developed social relationships, better self-confidence and self-reliance, and have the motivation to engage with academics and English language learning. 

Why are these programs needed?

What are the benefits?


These programs benefit students both inside and outside of the classroom. Students who feel more grounded and prepared for their new surroundings will be better at seeking out friends, have more confidence as they engage  with teachers, perform better academically and ultimately have a more enriched study abroad experience.


We use the student's interest to place the knowledge and skills that they are gaining in a context that makes sense to them. The experiential format of the programs shift the students mindset from a traditional passive learning style to an active and engaging method of development. We implement an English language pledge for the duration of the programs, emphasizing immersion and stretching their comfort zones. Something more about the dialogues and putting the learnings back on student's self discovery.

How do the programs work?