“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject; then to get your subject into yourself; and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” - Alexander Gregg

In today's competitive world, the difference between those who survive and thrive is often who has mastered the skill of communicating effectively. However, for many people, given the option of taking a course on public speaking or death, the fear of speaking in front of an audience is so deep rooted that we might just choose the latter!

We aim to change that.

Through our workshops, you’ll learn and actively practice key skills to make you a better public speaker. We teach how to use body language, voice, and words - in that order of importance. Learn how to get your audience’s attention through storytelling and take them on a journey with you. Lastly, by the end of our workshops, you’ll walk away with the most essential element for public speaking- confidence.

UPCOMING workshops

FEB 22- 7:00-9:00 PM- Location: 台北市大安區建國南路一段318巷8號1樓. Public Speaking Basics