The XY Diaries: Introduction

Dearest XY Bridges family,

We are proud to announce the official launching of XY Bridges’ new blog, The XY Diaries. 热烈欢迎!Our blog will focus on cross cultural education specifically looking at the US and China/Taiwan narrative. Obviously, this is a very sensitive topic considering the current political climate, however we aim to provide insight and hopeful outlook on what we believe to be the key to building bridges between these profoundly different worlds. This space strives to be a co-created learning environment where we welcome healthy discussion on our opinions, thoughts and ideas to better expand our own self-awareness and understanding in this never-ending dialogue.

For many of you who do not know me, my name is Tai Mesches (泰春). I am the co-founder of XY Bridges, a half-Chinese American from New York City, and a cross-cultural experiential learning practitioner by trade. I have literally and figuratively lived my entire life between these two cultures, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

I started XY Bridges with my partner, Kirra Hughes, with the goal of changing this world’s understanding of education and how to utilize its multiple definitions and approaches — with this blog being another avenue of that. Because of my cross-cultural background, these two cultures united in me have manifested into XY Bridges, and will forever define my identity.

Some of you may be wondering why we are called XY Bridges. Good question. To better explain it, here is a visual breakdown that will hopefully shine some clarity:

XY Stand for?.png

If you are unfamiliar with Mandarin, the romanized spelling system of transliterating Chinese is called pinyin. The character “Xi” (pronounced “Shee”) means West and the character “Ya” (pronounced the same) means Asia. The last two characters together mean “Bridges”. Hence…

XY Bridges.

We will aim to provide a new blog post each week on a variety of different topics. Once again, thank you all so much for your love and support on our venture, and we look forward to providing you with some thought-provoking, illuminating, and most importantly, educational content here on The XY Diaries.