XY Bridges offers private programs that can be tailored directly to the students' or school's interests and strengths. 

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XY Bridges also works with schools, educational organizations, and families/small groups to build and deliver a private program that is customized to your group's strengths, weaknesses, and needs.  Programs can be based in Asia or the USA. 

Benefits include:

- A unique program built around the students' specific needs and current situation. 

- Improve English language ability with direct tutelage from Native English speakers, an English language pledge for the duration of the program, and challenging dialogues which reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and articulation. 

- Parents welcome! Attend a co-ordinated program alongside your student(s). 

While being developed according to each family's/group's specifications, VIP Programs have a main pedagogical foundation to ensure seminal information is covered. In every program, dialogues are facilitated around cross-cultural experiences, maintaining and adapting one's identity in a foreign culture, self-discovery of one's own comfort zone, and the 5 core competencies needed to be able to grow outside of that comfort zone. Topics include and can vary according to program length: Western vs Eastern society, East Asian identity vs American identity, Design Thinking, biases and stereotypes, discrimination, educational and classroom etiquette and expectations, and more.  

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Personalized and Individual

No better way to learn than when the ratio of students to teacher is low. Through VIP Programs, participants are immersed in the English language and guided through an experiential program focused on strengthening their weaknesses and making sure they have a step up before beginning their study abroad experience. 

English Language Pledge

English language capability is one of the biggest obstacles listed by students who faced problems integrating while abroad. A language pledge to speak only English for the duration of the program helps students cement their language skill and receive a confidence boost before the term begins. 

Experience the USA

You have the option of selecting the program to be run in China, Taiwan or the USA. By opting for the US, participants can get to know American culture before the semester starts. Choose from three major metropolises: Boston, New York, or San Francisco. We weave the curriculum of the program through hotspots around the city such as university campuses so each program activity is set in a cultural context with English immersion.